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Code-Free Ways to Optimize Your Non-Profit Website

Business websites and non-profit organization websites are very different and should be designed and built for their unique needs.
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Business websites and non-profit organization websites are very different. A business website speaks to one audience: the consumer. Its single goal is to sell a product or service to that consumer. On the other hand, a non-profit website speaks to several audiences at once, including potential donors, clients, and volunteers.

And it must do so while helping the organization meet five very specific goals:

  • Increasing awareness of the organization and stating its mission
  • Growing membership and attracting new donors
  • Connecting the organization with people who need it
  • Increasing the newsletter email list
  • Attracting new volunteers

To do all of this successfully, the website must contain 10 vital non-profit website design elements that a business website does not. This specific, targeted site design optimization helps a non-profit organization achieve its goals. No small task, but here’s how it’s done.

1. Increasing Awareness and Stating the Mission

Mission First: Craft a Clear and Accessible Statement

Dedicate a page to your mission statement, conveying the organization’s purpose in clear, jargon-free language. Share your story, roots, and community impact on the “About Us/History” page to engage potential donors and clients.

Showcase Your Achievements: Personalizing the Organization

Highlight success stories and images of those assisted by your non-profit to create a personal connection. Sprinkle teasers across the site to captivate visitors’ interest.

Upcoming Action: Keeping the Community Informed

Maintain an updated calendar page with upcoming events, showcasing your organization’s active engagement within the community.

2. Growing Membership and Attracting New Donors

Financial Transparency: Building Trust with Donors

Assure potential donors of wise financial management by disclosing revenue, expenses, and the percentage of donations dedicated to the mission. Build confidence in your organization’s leadership through a comprehensive “Board of Directors” page. Also, consider including financial disclosures and annual reports.

Membership Made Easy: Streamlined Donation and Membership Process

Facilitate donations and membership sign-ups with a dedicated page accessible from every part of the site. Encourage one-time and planned giving to strengthen the donor base. Choose a strong donation campaign platforms such as Donor Box.

3. Connecting with People

Easy Access: Prompting Outreach through Contact Forms

Enable interested parties to seek help easily through phone or a simple contact form.

4. Attracting New Volunteers

Join Our Cause: Engaging Volunteers

Create a volunteer sign-up page with brief forms, information on available roles, and profiles featuring volunteers in action. Keep potential volunteers informed about response times.

5. Growing the Newsletter Email List

Stay Informed: Building Community through Newsletters

Develop a newsletter sign-up page with a compelling call to action. Offer incentives like a free calendar featuring colorful images of your organization’s community involvement. (I personally loved receiving a ballcap from a contest I participated in!)

Final Thoughts

With the right web design, your non-profit business site can achieve all its goals, from increasing awareness and attracting donors to reaching potential clients, drawing in more volunteers, growing the newsletter list, and reaching fundraising goals.

Please contact us today so we can start creating your organization’s optimized website. We look forward to working with you now and in the future.

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