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The Design Imposter: A Journey of Empowerment and Connection

The Design Imposter Podcast offers a space where creatives find inspiration, and practical guidance to navigate their professional journeys.

In the vast landscape of podcasts, where voices clamor for attention, “The Design Imposter” stands out as a beacon of empowerment and authenticity for creatives. Hosted by Creative Circle Collective’s co-founders, Jessica Valis and Monique Jenkins, this podcast is more than just a platform for discussing graphic design and freelancing. It’s a space where creatives and business owners find solace, inspiration, and practical guidance to navigate their professional journeys.

The genesis of “The Design Imposter” was rooted in the personal struggles of Jessica and Monique as they journeyed from college through their careers. They intimately understand the relentless whispers of self-doubt and the crippling effects of imposter syndrome. Determined to combat these adversaries, they embarked on a mission to empower others in the world of design, digital marketing, UX and SEO to embrace their true potential and silence the nagging voice of doubt.

What began as a humble podcast soon evolved into a dynamic platform for connection and growth. Through their candid conversations and insightful interviews with expert guests, Jessica and Monique invite listeners into a world of vulnerability and authenticity. With their hold-nothing-back approach, listeners are encouraged to confront their insecurities, pursue their passions, and forge their paths with confidence. Listeners have described the podcast experience as if they are “sitting on the sofa with a couple of girlfriends, just talking.”

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Monique Jenkins and Jessica Valis sit behind their mics during a photoshoot.

One of the remarkable outcomes of “The Design Imposter” journey is the array of speaking engagements it has unlocked for Jessica and Monique. Their compelling insights and genuine approach have captivated audiences worldwide, earning them invitations to share their wisdom at events and conferences.

Moreover, the podcast’s impact extends beyond the airwaves. Jessica and Monique leverage their content to enrich various digital platforms, from blogs to TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. By repurposing their episodes, they amplify their message and reach a broader audience, inspiring individuals across diverse channels.

But “The Design Imposter” isn’t merely about broadcasting insights; it’s about nurturing a community and fostering mentorship within the design realm. Through their podcast and associated platforms, Jessica and Monique aim to provide guidance, support, and mentorship to aspiring designers and entrepreneurs. They understand the importance of lifting others as they climb, and their commitment to mentorship is palpable in every episode.

Furthermore, “The Design Imposter” offers tangible resources to its audience, including free downloads that enrich their learning experience. These resources serve as tools for personal and professional growth, encouraging listeners to overcome obstacles and achieve their aspirations.

In essence, “The Design Imposter” transcends the boundaries of a typical podcast. It’s a testament to the transformative power of vulnerability, connection, and mentorship. Through their shared journey of self-discovery, Jessica and Monique have created a safe-space for creatives and entrepreneurs worldwide, proving that with courage and resilience, anyone can silence their inner imposter and claim their rightful place in the design landscape.

The Design Imposter is available wherever you listen to your podcasts.

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