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Website Design for Tomorrow's Leaders

Join forces with The Creative Circle Collective and revolutionize your online presence. Our designs don’t just capture attention—they ignite action and foster meaningful growth. With a synergy of user-focused design, precision SEO, and market insights, we amplify your mission to build thriving, resilient communities.

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Unlock Your Exclusive CCC Design Insights – It’s on the House!

Craft a Winning Web Redesign: Your Ultimate Guide Awaits!

Harness the power of strategic design with our comprehensive website redesign guide. Delve into essential planning with insights to optimize your user experience and brand presence.

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Our Services: Amplify Your Impact​

Harness the power of our expert design services to propel your organization’s mission. Partner with us to craft a powerful narrative that resonates within your community and leaves a lasting, positive imprint.

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Fractional CMO Services

Leverage extensive marketing expertise without the executive cost. Tailor your digital strategy with our customized marketing solutions.

Website Design & Development

Escape the ordinary with unique designs. Elevate your brand with our expertly crafted websites that prioritize your client's experience.

Branding & Logo Design

Make a statement with branding that reflects your ethos. Attract investment by showcasing a logo that captures your firm's spirit and commitment.

Our Clients


CCC’s in-depth knowledge of design best practices proved to be invaluable in closing the gap between the DoD client’s requirements/expectations and the final delivery.

CCC’s in-depth knowledge of design best practices proved to be invaluable closing the gap between the DoD client’s requirements / expectations and the final delivery.

Ardra Bailey, Project Manager
General Dynamics Information Technology
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Creative Partnership Journey: Your Roadmap to Brand Evolution with CCC


Discovery Session

Dive into a discovery call where we unearth the essence of your brand’s narrative. It’s about aligning your vision with our creative process to lay a solid project foundation.


Strategic Inquiry

Post-discovery, we delve deeper with a strategic questionnaire. It’s designed to outline your project scope, set milestones, define your goals, and envision what success truly means to you.


Conceptualization Call

Armed with insights and aspirations, we move to conceptualize a tailored proposal. This is where we dissect the functioning elements of your brand and identify opportunities for growth and innovation.


Initation Phase

Kickoff your project with a focused session that cements your brand’s strategic direction. Here, we craft the narrative and messaging that resonates with your core audience.


Creative Execution

Your brand becomes our canvas. We journey with you, applying a mix of bold creativity and meticulous design to create touchpoints that engage and inspire your audience.


Finalization and Support

Cheers to completion! We hand over the reins with all the tools you need for smooth sailing. Remember, our relationship doesn’t end at delivery. For ongoing support or a digital tune-up, we’re just a message away.

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Meet the dynamic
co-founders of Creative Circle Collective

With a shared passion for user experience (UX), emphatic design, user interface (UI) and graphic design, Jessica and Monique bring a blend of creativity and strategic insight to The Creative Circle Collective (CCC). Jessica, with 12+ years in financial branding, navigates compliance intricacies with a zero-margin-for-error mindset. Monique, a seasoned UX expert, ensures visually stunning and intuitively designed projects.

Together, they lead CCC’s foray into fractional CMO services, specializing in empowering small businesses and non-profit organizations. Their focus on UX research, website design, branding, social media, and SEO is geared towards deepening ties with communities. Their collaborative approach ensures CCC’s all-inclusive packages are not only innovative but also tailored to maximize outreach for those making a positive impact.

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Design Imposter Podcast

An honest podcast for designers, business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs.​

The Design Imposter Podcast, hosted by Jessica Valis and Monique Jenkins, is an engaging series that dives deep into the worlds of design and entrepreneurship. The podcast provides a rich exploration of various creative pursuits, sharing the experiences of both established professionals and emerging creators. It addresses the complex emotions and challenges inherent in the creative fields, such as imposter syndrome, and offers valuable insights into marketing, strategy, and the personal journeys of its guests.

Each episode delivers a mix of candid insights, strategic advice, and heartfelt narratives, drawing on the hosts’ extensive experience and warm interviewing style. The discussions aim to navigate between industry-specific insights and universal themes, providing listeners with meaningful takeaways and encouraging them to explore new horizons.

Listeners are invited to join this journey where challenges are overcome, curiosity is celebrated, and a sense of community within the creative world is fostered. “The Design Imposter Podcast” is a space for uplifting and informative conversations that not only delve into the technicalities of creative work but also the personal growth and empowerment that come with it.

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