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Meet Monique


Meet Monique

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Hi, I’m Monique Jenkins. As the driving force behind The Creative Circle Collective Company (CCC), based in the heart of Baltimore, I lead a design agency committed to empowering small businesses and non-profits through compelling branding and web design.

Empathy, creativity, and inclusivity are the pillars that underpin both my personal ethos and professional endeavors. These values are woven into the fabric of CCC, where we strive to create designs that resonate deeply and inclusively.

My journey through the design landscape has been rich and varied, taking me from Fortune 500 companies to dynamic startups across diverse sectors like FinTech and Retail. This breadth of experience has infused my work with a unique blend of analytical insight and artistic expression.

I’m passionate about fostering growth and support within the creative community, leading initiatives like “The Design Imposter” podcast and Ladies, Wine, and Design Baltimore, which uplifts women and non-binary creatives.

Outside the studio, my life is beautifully anchored by my husband Bryan, our daughter Zuri, and our Bernedoodle, Nola. Together, they infuse every day with joy, laughter, and inspiration.

Jamaica, with its vibrant people, mouthwatering cuisine, and rich cultural tapestry, holds a special place in my heart. It’s a source of endless inspiration, reminding me of the power of community, warmth, and the diverse stories that shape our world. The island’s spirit influences my approach to design, encouraging me to create work that captures the essence of human connection and cultural richness.

Guided by the wisdom of Shonda Rhimes, I view life as a mosaic of interconnected dots, a philosophy that shapes my leadership and creative vision at CCC.

Home for me is Baltimore, where family moments, community engagement, and a commitment to meaningful design converge to create a life filled with purpose, connection, and vibrant creativity.


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Area of Expertise


User Research

Dive into the minds of your audience through insightful user research, revealing invaluable insights to drive strategic decisions.

User Design

Craft seamless digital experiences that captivate and engage users, enriching their journey while achieving business objectives.

Brand Development

Forge authentic connections with your audience by shaping compelling brand identities that resonate deeply and inspire loyalty.

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