Brand Development and Logo Design

Join forces with The Creative Circle Collective and change the way your prospects view your services. Our designs don’t just capture attention—they ignite action and foster meaningful growth. With a synergy of user-focused design and market insights, we amplify your mission to build thriving, resilient communities.

Design for
your client

Design built for your client


Understanding your audience is the cornerstone of impactful branding and logo design.

User research illuminates the path, ensuring your brand resonates deeply with its intended audience. When a client chooses to buy, it’s because the design speaks directly to their desires, needs, and identity.

Branding that resonates

Our designs are more than pretty pictures.
They are backed by user-research and built for conversion.

Logo Design

Designers research, sketch, and refine logo concepts to visually represent the brand, ensuring scalability and versatility.

Content Strategy

Develop visually appealing content assets that communicate the brand message effectively, drive engagement and achieve business goals.

Marketing Collateral

Designers create cohesive brand collateral—reinforcing brand identity and driving brand credibility and loyalty.

Social Media Marketing

Craft visually compelling content to engage audiences on social platforms to humanize the brand and foster relationships.

Brand Guidelines

Safeguard brand equity and facilitate recognition with a blueprint for maintaining brand integrity and coherence.

Ongoing Support

Provide continuous support by monitoring brand performance and implementing refinements to maintain relevance.

The Creative Process

Where creativity meets identity and user expectations



Our branding strategy begins with a comprehensive review of your organization's core objectives and stakeholder needs, delving into market research and audience analysis.


Design & Testing

We embark on the design phase to create a brand identity, focusing on visual elements and messaging that authentically represent your mission and values.



We proceed with launching the brand. This involves conducting training sessions to equip the internal team with the tools and knowledge necessary to uphold the brand identity consistently.

podcast hosts jessica valis and monique jenkins

Meet the Owners

With a shared passion for user experience (UX), emphatic design, user interface (UI) and graphic design, Jessica and Monique bring a blend of creativity and strategic insight to The Creative Circle Collective (CCC). Jessica, with 12+ years in financial branding, navigates compliance intricacies with a zero-margin-for-error mindset. Monique, a seasoned UX expert, ensures visually stunning and intuitively designed projects.

Together, they lead CCC’s foray into fractional CMO services, specializing in empowering small businesses and non-profit organizations. Their focus on UX research, website design, branding, social media, and SEO is geared towards deepening ties with communities. Their collaborative approach ensures CCC’s all-inclusive packages are not only innovative but also tailored to maximize outreach for those making a positive impact.

thick circle

Where creativity meets identity and user expectations

Let's create compelling stories that inspire loyalty and trust.

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