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Join forces with The Creative Circle Collective and revolutionize your online presence. Our designs don’t just capture attention—they ignite action and foster meaningful growth. With a synergy of user-focused design, precision SEO, and market insights, we amplify your mission to build thriving, resilient communities.

User-experience is everything

UX research plays a pivotal role in shaping user-centric products and services, providing valuable insights into users’ behaviors, needs, and preferences.

By uncovering pain points, preferences, and motivations, UX research guides the creation of intuitive, engaging experiences that drive user satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately, business success. 

Website Services that Convert​

Our designs are more than pretty pictures.
They are backed by user-research, testing, SEO, and built for conversion.

Insight Analysis

Extract meaningful patterns and trends from user data to inform strategic decisions and optimizations to achieve specific business goals.

Content Strategy

Craft a cohesive plan for creating, organizing, and delivering relevant and valuable content to target audiences to maximizing engagement.

Website Design & Development

Conceptualize, design, and build a platform that communicates brand identity, engages users, and provides seamless functionality across devices.

Accessibility & Testing

Ensure your website is usable to foster inclusivity, compliance with accessibility standards, and a positive user experience for all.

SEO Services

Optimize website content and performance to improve visibility and ranking on search engine results pages, driving organic traffic.

Ongoing Support

Continuous monitoring, updating, and optimization of your website to ensure optimal performance to sustain long-term effectiveness.

The Creative Process



We first conduct targeted research to understand the landscape your organization operates within, establishing a digital strategy that mirrors your vision and amplifies your unique role in your industry.


Design & Testing

This phase is characterized by a dynamic design sprints that incorporates feedback from users and stakeholders, ensuring the end product is not just visually appealing but fosters user engagement.



Strategy and design come to life through the website and product launch. We support your staff through the learning phase for continued success and provide ongoing website support.

I worked with CCC on a big website redesign project, and I am so happy with the results! They were very responsive, understood design for a good user experience.
Highly recommend their work!

Steph Larsen, Project Manager
Solar United Neighbors

Your team of experts


Monique Jenkins

Co-CEO, Director of UX
jessica valis 2023 primary profile image

Jessica Valis

Co-CEO, Director of Development

Bethany Janka

UX Researcher
podcast hosts jessica valis and monique jenkins

Designing since the 90s

With a shared passion for user experience (UX), emphatic design, user interface (UI) and graphic design, Jessica and Monique bring a blend of creativity and strategic insight to The Creative Circle Collective (CCC). Jessica, with 12+ years in financial branding, navigates compliance intricacies with a zero-margin-for-error mindset. Monique, a seasoned UX expert, ensures visually stunning and intuitively designed projects.

Together, they lead CCC’s foray into fractional CMO services, specializing in empowering small businesses and non-profit organizations. Their focus on UX research, website design, branding, social media, and SEO is geared towards deepening ties with communities. Their collaborative approach ensures CCC’s all-inclusive packages are not only innovative but also tailored to maximize outreach for those making a positive impact.

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